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If you choose us, you’ll create a healthy working environment

Committed to people

We strive for your workers’ wellbeing and for continuous improvement through research and innovation in healthcare and prevention matters

We are nearby

You have an Asepeyo Manager to advise you on your procedures, and a healthcare network of 178 offices and 3 hospitals at your disposal

Technology at your service

Telemedicine, anti-gravity treadmills, 3D printed bones, business intelligence and apps to access your information 24 hours a day

What can we offer you?

We carry out complete healthcare: diagnosis, sick leave, rehabilitation and monitoring, up to the patient’s recovery.

We cover the healthcare costs (hospitalisation, surgery, etc.), with our own and approved means, and pharmacy and travel costs caused by the accident.

When a worker in your company is on sick leave due to common illness or non-work-related accident, we take care of the financial provision for temporary disability due to common risks and the monitoring of the medical procedure.

We inform, raise awareness and advise with regard to prevention. We innovate through continuous research.

Find our more about our services in risk prevention

Other provisions

We cover 100% of the basis for calculation of the reduction of the working day* of your workers to care for a minor in their care with cancer or a serious illness

*Reduction of more than 50%

If the working conditions might endanger the pregnancy or breastfeeding period of your workers, we cover 100% of the basis for calculation.

In cases of special need for workers who have suffered an accident, we have financial assistance and care services for the injured worker and their family.

In 2018, we attended 5,440 applications, to which we devoted 12.82 million euros.

For more information, consult our social action section

Always with you

Do you or any of your workers need help?

24-hour emergencies

900 151 000

User Care Service

910 504 390

Assistance abroad

In the event of a work accident abroad, we offer you a contact telephone where we’ll tell you what you need to do to request medical care.

+34 937 057 540

Digital services exclusively for you

We want to make your everyday easier! For this, we’ve developed the Asepeyo empresas app and the Asepeyo Virtual Office.

The Asepeyo empresas app is the first in the sector aimed exclusively at companies. It offers all the relevant information for your everyday management and procedures.

It has over 50 functions, including:

  • Real-time consultation of the principal absenteeism indicators
  • Direct contact with your unique liaison
  • Sending care referral notes by mobile
  • Possibility of requesting first aid boxes
  • Speedy location of our centres
  • Details of your company’s accidents and sick leaves

Discover Asepeyo Virtual Office

This is the version of the Asepeyo empresas app, designed for use on your computer.  As well as the procedures you can do with the app, Asepeyo Virtual Office allows you to manage accident reports, and access and download your company reports, as well as other functions.

We help you manage absenteeism

We have created the “Responsible absenteeism management” model for you.

We take on this commitment from corporate social responsibility, health promotion and the roll-out of a preventive culture.

To find out everything we can do for you, consult the ‘We manage alongside you’ section.

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