Healthcare model

We care for the health of your employees and provide a quality, innovative and committed service.

The injured person, their diagnosis and recovery are at the center of our healthcare activity.

We help you to speed up your work accident, occupational disease, common contingency and other benefits procedures. We also advise you to improve your preventive activity at no additional cost.

Our healthcare model focuses on close and immediate care, with advanced healthcare practices, and is based on:

We are committed to innovation, with a significant investment in technology and medical equipment, both outpatient and inpatient, diagnostic and therapeutic. Our medical team is made up of experienced health professionals, specialized in occupational pathology.

Our healthcare centers

Experts in healthcare and rehabilitation

We have a wide network of care centers with:

Specialized admission area

Area that welcomes the patient from the first moment, to guide them in all the necessary steps to follow.

Healthcare area

Our healthcare centers are equipped to attend to emergencies and medical consultations for the follow-up of temporary disability processes.

Physiotherapy Area

Our facilities offer patients the best treatments during their recovery process.

Technical and administrative area

Experts in the processing of economic benefits.

Prevention Area

Prevention consultancy and technical assistance, developed by professionals specialized in occupational risk prevention.

Patient's journey

If you have an accident at work...

Learn all the steps to follow if you go to any of our healthcare centers and hospitals.


We improve the user experience

We promote more agile and efficient processes to facilitate your assistance and management with us. 


Mi Asepeyo App

Check your schedule, medical tests, travel and pharmacy expenses, and videos with rehabilitation and nursing exercises.

Biometric signature

With this new system, you save time and receive a more secure, efficient and sustainable service.


We eliminate language barriers with our teletranslation service in more than 80 languages.

Digital shift management

Less waiting time, absolute confidentiality, more agile procedures and constant dissemination of information of interest.

Notifications and alerts

Notifications of available medical appointments and reports. Activate alerts in your email, app or Asepeyo Virtual Office.

Post-surgical follow-up

After surgery, we call you to see how you are doing and make sure everything is going well.

Nurse Mentor Program

We accompany you during your temporary disability process and guide you on how to take care of yourself.

And always improving...

Satisfaction assessment studies of our services to improve the healthcare quality.

Asepeyo Virtual Office

For the company and labor consultant

Carry out, in an easy and agile way, all your procedures. Fill out work accident reports and report the health care of a worker in our centers, among other functionalities.

For the protected worker

Consult your data, access your medical reports or check your payments while you are on sick leave.

Healthcare innovation

We promote the most advanced healthcare technology

At Asepeyo we look to the future. We ensure more effective diagnoses and safer treatments.

Single digital health record

Accessible from all our healthcare centers. It contains outpatient and inpatient information on common and occupational contingencies.

High intensity inductive therapy equipment

We have advanced therapeutic equipment that obtains better results in fewer sessions and with a shorter duration.

Telemedicine and telepsychiatry

We have performed more than 13,000 virtual consultations! No matter where you are. We optimize the time between consultations and avoid your travels.

Functional Assessment Unit

We use biomechanics to objectively assess the degree of functional impairment of a patient after an injury and detect physical problems.

Big data

We use big data for the analysis and improvement of processes in the most prevalent pathologies.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

We apply cardiac rehabilitation programs, aimed at the functional recovery of patients with these pathologies.

Bionic hand

We are working on the implantation of a multi-articulated partial bionic hand, i-Digits, for our patients.


Innovative bionic suit for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury and acquired brain damage.

Mental Health Unit

Team of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists, which responds to the needs in the field of mental health.

Anti-gravity treadmill

New technology in Physiotherapy that improves the quality of treatment and shortens recovery time.

Our hospitals

Reference in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery

Whenever you need it, you will be attended by the best health professionals specialized in occupational pathology. We have 3 hospitals of our own and 2 joint hospitals to support our healthcare network in diagnosis and treatment.

Own hospitals

Joint Hospitals

We accompany patients who have undergone surgery within the first 24 hours, once they have been discharged.


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Get in touch with us through our form, requesting an in-person or email appointment at your reference healthcare center.

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