Risk prevention

We help you manage prevention and control your company’s occupational risks with an extensive network of consultants and the latest technology in occupational health and safety.

Professionals and technical resources

At Asepeyo, we’re committed to prevention. We’d like our member companies to reduce their occupational accident rates and, to do so, we foster a preventative culture.

Backing us up are 45 years of knowledge and experience, the best prevention consultants and specialized technical resources.

Our actions are based on rigour and absolute regulatory compliance. Throughout our history, we’ve stood our because we follow the directives established annually in our
General Prevention Activity Plan.

These activities are benefits in favour of business owners and their workers which do not create subjective rights, aimed at helping them control and, as applicable, reduce occupational accidents and occupational diseases. The Spanish Secretary of State for the Social Security System is responsible for periodically planning activities as well as their criteria, content and order of preference.

Thus, our prevention activities, as described in the following section, will be adapted at all times to the provisions of the General Prevention Activity Plan.

We improve prevention differently

We look for the way to offer you a different service, making over 80 professionals available to you who will answer all your queries, and providing the latest technology access without prior processing.

Technology applied to prevention

We use the latest technology applied to prevention, such as virtual reality to prevent falls from heights, the use of drones to reduce work accident rates, driving simulators to prevent accidents, and sound environment reproduction projects to assess noise in work environments.

Also, as we know how important prevention is, we reward and disseminate the best preventive practices with the aim of sharing experiences to improve companies’ work safety.

Bespoke consultancy

We offer bespoke advice to our companies.

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Information and awareness

We promote occupational risk prevention as the core of your company’s decision-making. We offer a wide range of informational activities aimed at people who are assigned prevention tasks at your company in order to improve their skills and knowledge. We help you foster a change in attitude as established by the General Prevention Activity Plan, which is approved annually by the Spanish Secretary of State for Social Security.

The activities we propose are very practical and may be adapted to all situations: face-to-face, blended learning and online. For the online version, we use a specialized e-Learning platform.

Calendar of informational and awareness activities for the current year.

New psychosocial risks campaign

New psychosocial risks campaign: Prevention of psychosocial risks, an opportunity for a company with a future

Psychosocial risks and work stress are among the problems that pose the greatest difficulty in the field of work health and safety. Psychosocial problems entail a high cost for companies and society in the European Union, while stress is the second most frequent work health problem in Spain.

We design prevention campaigns in line with the General Preventive Activities Plan of the Social Security, produced by the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security.

“Bonus” prevention incentive system

The incentive system for the prevention of bonuses makes it possible to reduce the contributions by professional contingencies to the companies have considerably diminished the work accidents and have made effective actions in the prevention of the Occupational accidents and illnesses.

They can be requested every year if certain contribution requirements are met, if accident rate levels are maintained below established limits, and if certain basic preventive actions have been carried out. The amount of this incentive can be increased if investments have been made in prevention in the year prior to the submission of the application, called the “period of observation”.

Our prevention consultants will tell you what you need to do to apply for the Bonus incentive, which will help you continue to invest in prevention.

Prevention website

If you’d like to know more about the services we offer in occupational risk prevention, go to our specialized website. There, you’ll find more information on consulting and technical assistance, training, studies and projects, campaigns, awareness workshops, technical documentation, applications and much more.