Our company

We’re a non-profit association of business owners, whose priority activity focuses on providing healthcare services and processing economic benefits for occupational accidents, occupational diseases, common illnesses and non-occupational accidents.

We also do prevention activities regulated by the Spanish Social Security system and manage the following benefits:

  • Cease of activity for the self-employed
  • Benefits to care for minors affected by cancer or other serious diseases
  • High-risk pregnancy or breastfeeding benefits

If you’d like to know more, go to our section entitled ‘What are mutual insurance companies?’.

Mission, vision and values

Mission: We care for workers’ health.

Vision: To provide excellent, innovative and people-committed services that boost us as a strategy healthcare and preventive culture ally.

Values: They are principles, with a permanent vocation, which are assumed and applied by all people at the Mutual Insurance Company that constitute the framework of reference for everyone’s daily activities.

  • A vocation for service: working to attain the highest standards of quality in customer experience, absolutely prioritizing injured or ill workers.
  • People-orientation: promoting relationships based on trust, mutual respect and active listening.
  • Management efficiency: managing resources wisely under criteria of sustainability and transparency.
  • Positive social contribution: contributing value to society, especially as concerns those in need by promoting the implementation of best environmental practices.
  • Integrity and legality: acting humanely, ethically and honestly, always observing the law.
  • Innovation: maximizing innovation aimed at meeting real needs, constantly improving our services, facilities and equipment.
  • Teamwork: trying to get each one of our professionals involved with the company’s general strategy, promoting collaborative work between teams and departments.

Asepeyo History

Founded in 1915 as Mutualidad de Previsión Social, it changed its name in 1944 to Asistencia Sanitario Económica para Empleados y Obreros, Mutualidad de Previsión Social (A.S.E.P.E.Y O.) in order to manage mandatory health insurance throughout Spain. In 1965, Asepeyo stopped operating as a social provision entity to become an employer’s occupational accident and occupational disease mutual insurance company.

With the entry into force of Spanish Law 4/1990, on the General Spanish National Budget for 1990, Asepeyo changed its name to ‘Mutua de Accidentes de Trabajo y Enfermedades Profesionales de la Seguridad Social’ (a mutual insurance company that collaborates with the Spanish Social Security system).

In 1996, the mutual insurance company began covering economic benefits for temporary disability due to common contingencies in addition to managing occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

With the entry into force of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law (Spanish Law 31/1995 and Spanish Royal Decree 39/1997), the employment authorities authorized Asepeyo to operate as a Prevention Service in addition to accrediting it to work all over Spain.

Once the Spanish Royal Decree regulating their function as prevention services was approved on 11 June 2005 by the Council of Ministers, the occupational accident and occupational disease mutual insurance companies began separating their activities as External Prevention Service providers through the constitution of prevention companies. Asepeyo separated this activity by constituting the company Sociedad de Prevención de Asepeyo which began being called Aspy Prevención starting in 2013. Following the enactment of Spanish Law 35/2014, Asepeyo was forced to sell off its shares in Aspy and nowadays the two entities are completely independent of each other as concerns their management and have no connection whatsoever.

In 2010, Asepeyo began offering new benefits such as a benefit for self-employed workers who cease their activities and benefits for caring for minors and for pregnancy and breastfeeding risks in 2011.

After the new Law on Mutual Insurance Companies was passed in 2015, Asepeyo became known as Asepeyo, Mutua Colaboradora con la Seguridad Social.

Asepeyo currently has an extensive organization of its own in all of the Spanish autonomous regions. It has 142 healthcare centres, 4 hospitals (2 internally owned and 2 jointly owned), an outpatient hospital, 5 rehabilitation centres, 2 occupational health and safety centres, 15 customer service offices, 4 common contingency temporary disability control offices and 4 central offices.

The hospital in Barcelona (Sant Cugat), the hospital in Madrid (Coslada) and the outpatient hospital in Seville (Cartuja) are three benchmark centres which are equipped with the most advanced technology and multidisciplinary professional teams.

Asepeyo has a staff of more than 3,300 professionals and an immense prevention and rehabilitation healthcare organization distributed throughout Spain among healthcare centres and hospitals. This infrastructure guarantees comprehensive care for accident victims from first aid and emergency are to surgery and rehabilitation.

Throughout its more than 100 years of existence, Asepeyo has always done important work to promote health, research, development and the implementation of occupational health and safety measures.