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If an accident has occurred

If you’ve been involved in an occupational accident, these are the steps to follow:

Report the accident to your company and request a completed and signed assistance form

He goes to one of our
healthcare centers
with the care form.

The are two situations which we shall explain below:

An occupational accident leading to a leave

  • You must deliver the leave report to your company (within 3 business days)
  • You must periodically deliver confirmation reports to your company (within 3 business days)
  • You must deliver the ready-to-work portion to the company as soon as you are declared ready to work (within 24 hours)

An occupational accident not leading to a leave

  • You must return to work after receiving medical care or report to work on the following day, as per the doctor’s instructions
  • Deliver the documentation to your company

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24 hour healthcare

You count on us whenever you need us. Permanently on-call professionals are available through an extensive network of contracted services.

In the event of an accident, call us and we’ll tell you which centre is closest to you.

900 151 000

Workers posted abroad

If you’re a worker covered by Asepeyo who is a resident of Spain and expect to be posted abroad for employment reasons, please call us and we’ll tell you about the procedures you must complete.

If an occupational accident has occurred, call us at:

+34 937 057 540

What can we offer you?

Our cover includes management of occupational accident and occupational disease contingencies as well as temporary disability benefits for common contingencies.

We guarantee comprehensive care from first aid and emergency care to surgery and rehabilitation until you have fully recovered.

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