We look after workers’ health

We run the largest healthcare organisation, with over 3,300 professionals.

At Asepeyo, we look after people. It’s our mission as a friendly society. And that’s why we have a great team, with people who are passionate about their work and committed to our project.

We are currently looking for the top professionals to head up the healthcare digital transformation. We offer an excellent and innovative service that promotes us a benchmark for health and preventive culture and we’d like you to join us.

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Maximise innovation geared towards meeting real needs, constantly improving services, facilities and equipment.

Social commitment

Add value to society, especially to groups in need, promoting the implementation of good environmental practices

Customer Experience

Ensure we obtain maximum quality standards in terms of customer experience, giving absolute priority to injured or ill workers.

Ethics and transparency

Act with humanity, ethics and honesty, and always in compliance with the law

Active listening

Foster relations based on trust, mutual respect and active listening


Administer resources wisely, adhering to criteria of sustainability and transparency


Corporate University

A learning community, with physical and/or virtual spaces, that provides training programmes adapted to each job. We are a benchmark in training in our country.


Our scientific community fosters the generation and dissemination of knowledge through the exchange of experiences and practices between professionals. We are committed to innovation and the application of new technologies to improve the quality of care.

Collaborative working environment

This working method ensures greater efficiency, flexibility, good use of user potential and greater capacity for innovation.

Balance and flexibility

We are always searching for the work-life balance.

Healthy Company

We have a culture of wellbeing that strives for the wellbeing of workers.

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