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We’re by your side, offering you the best cover in common risks, professional risks and cease of trading, the last two now being compulsory. Choose us and see how we manage all your procedures easily, quickly, transparently and efficiently.

We value your work

We understand that you can’t miss a day’s work, that your days are long and that you don’t have much time. We offer you immediate quality healthcare, without waiting lists, at all of our care centres.

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We’re there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you the best service and help you in everything you need. We provide multiple tools to help you with your procedures and complete all your formalities quickly and in line with your needs.

What can we offer you?

If you’re off work due to common illness or non-work-related accident, we make an administrative team available to you that specialises in processing payment of sick leave days:

  • 60% of the basis for calculation, from day 4 to day 20 of the sick leave
  • 75% of the basis for calculation, from day 21 of the sick leave

We also offer monitoring by the more than 1,500 healthcare professionals in the Friendly Society, of renowned prestige and with the best out-patients, hospital, therapy and diagnosis facilities.

If you have a work accident or occupational illness, we help you with everything you need.

In the event of sick leave, you’ll receive the financial provision from the day after the start of the sick leave, which will be 75% of the basis for calculation.

We offer you the best health care until your recovery, including all that is necessary: specialist visits, surgical interventions, hospitalization and medication.

Should irreversible consequences arise that lead to limitations, we will process the necessary compensation or pensions with the Provincial Office of the National Institute of the Social Security or the Maritime Social Institute.

If you completely cease trading, you are entitled to 70% of the average of the bases for calculation of the last 12 months’ contribution.

If your work may harm the proper progress of your pregnancy, you can opt for this provision. The benefit is 100% of the basis for calculation from recognition of the provision.

If you need to reduce your working day by more than 50% to care for a minor in your care with cancer or a serious illness, ask for this provision, which covers 100% of the basis for calculation corresponding to the reduced part of the working day.

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Specific economic aid

If your sick leave due to work accident is over a month in duration, meaning that your business is inoperative, we’ll help you with your family needs while the sick leave lasts.

You’ll just have to send us the bills of the month prior to the accident of all the items you’re claiming, together with the signed social assistance application.

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