Occupational health

Personalized and quality health care. We are experts in occupational health. We have a wide healthcare network designed for you. Whenever you need it, you will be attended by the best health professionals specialized in occupational pathology.

Our clinic management project

Our goal is to improve your health using the most adequate clinical practices. For this reason, we put patients and their diagnoses at the centre of our clinical management.

We work with a care model oriented towards ongoing improvement and based on:

  • Knowledge and competition management
  • Our professionals’ experience
  • Orientation toward teamwork –reinforcing their multidisciplinary skills
  • Ongoing evaluation of clinical results
  • A long history as occupational health specialists

Our healthcare team offers the best and most efficient therapeutic solutions to resolve each situation. We’d like our patients to get the most effective treatment in the least possible time and that’s why we offer the best clinical practices.

Occupational accidents and occupational diseases

With our
healthcare network we achieve up-close, professional and comprehensive care from first aid to emergency care as well as traumatology surgery and subsequent rehabilitation. We cover all the costs of the necessary healthcare services to cure you. We do so with our own resources or through more than 1.400 authorized contracted services (hospitalization, surgery…).

We also pay for all pharmaceutical costs so you don’t have any additional expenses.

24 hour healthcare

You count on us whenever you need us. Permanently on-call professionals are available through an extensive network of contracted services. In the event of an accident, call us and we’ll tell you which centre is closest to you.

900 151 000

Workers posted abroad

If you’re working outside Spain and are involved in an occupational accident, call our medical care line. A healthcare worker will evaluate the situation and indicate which medical centre to go to.

Before posting any workers abroad, the company must complete the necessary procedures..

+34 937 057 540


We are equipped with the latest in healthcare technology. Our hospitals are the utmost example of our vocation for service and specialization. They support our healthcare network with diagnostics and injury treatment.
We have 2 comprehensive care hospitals, 1 outpatient hospital and another 2 jointly-owned hospitals.

Own hospitals

Jointly-owned hospitals

Hospital services:

  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Intensive care unit
  • Hospitalization units
  • Outpatient care
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational rehab
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Functional Assessment Unit
  • Social Assistance and Psychology Department
  • Auxiliary and safety services

The medical organization at our hospitals is comprised of surgery teams and functional specialty units so that specialists from different areas collaborate on each team.

The hospitals are accredited as teaching hospitals for regulated medical resident training. They also host nursing, physical therapy, nursing assistant, occupational therapy, radiology and nutrition interns.

Leading occupational disease units

To improve the detection, care, diagnostics and declaration of occupational diseases, we have implemented a project based on the creation of Leading Occupational Disease Units (UREP).

These units offer specialized technical support for the network of healthcare centres and are made up of healthcare professionals who specialize in occupational medicine. Their duties are:

  • Medical management of occupational disease cases
  • Training along with other healthcare professionals as experts on benefits and prevention.
  • Consultation and/or orientation on cases from other healthcare centres.
  • Epidemiological monitoring of occupational diseases.
  • The preparation, implementation and periodic revision of guides based on scientific evidence.

Single medical histories

All of our patients’ medical information is included in a single and individual medical history which is available online from any Asepeyo centre.

Patients may go to the Asepeyo Virtual Office
to access all of the information on their clinical processes

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Monitoring of medical processes for common illnesses or non-occupational accidents

The Spanish Public Health Service is responsible for issuing medical leave and return to work reports for common illnesses and non-occupational accidents. As a mutual insurance company that collaborates with the Spanish Social Security system, Asepeyo does the medical check-ups to control and monitor these processes.

We are responsible for control and monitoring as of the first day of a leave. We also do any necessary supplemental tests to verify a diagnosis or pathological status.

In order to foster an employee’s improvement and speedy return to work, we can do the following upon authorization from the Spanish Public Health Service:

  • Supplementary diagnostic tests
  • Treatments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgery
  • Medical consultation

When our healthcare professionals believe a patient’s situation is compatible with their work, they may propose their return to work to the Spanish Public Health Service’s medical inspection office.

If they believe the situation has no cure and is not compatible with work, the doctors may propose a disability status which must be resolved by the Spanish National Social Security Institute.

Investment in technology and medical equipment

We offer you unbeatable service and, in order to do so, we use the best technology. We make significant investments in outpatient, hospital, diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices.

Find out more about our commitment to medical technology in the section entitled Technology and Innovation.