I’m going to travel abroad for work. Does the mutual insurance company cover such a situation?

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Yes. We provide our members with a healthcare abroad card for occupational accidents.

It indicates the informational telephone number +34 934 955 182 where members may:

  • Check any administrative procedure that must be done when an Asepeyo-affiliated worker residing in Spain is posted abroad for employment reasons. This same information can also be requested from the General Social Security Treasury (by phone or via the website), via the Asepeyo website www.asepeyo.es or through Customer Service at 900 151 002. www.asepeyo.es, or through the customer service, 900 151 002.
  • Report accidents that have occurred abroad. A medical team will assess the situation and, if necessary, activate the victim’s transfer to a public healthcare centre. After that, the victim will depend on the healthcare system in the host country. In cases of hospital admission, this telephone assistance service will also handle requests for the appropriate medical reports and will have them sent to the Asepeyo healthcare centre responsible for the worker’s company in order to monitor the process.

Who are the beneficiaries and in which countries?

Any Asepeyo-affiliated workers who are residents of Spain and posted abroad for employment reasons.

Certain administrative procedures need to be done in the following cases before leaving Spain in order to determine whether the Spanish Social Security laws will be applicable:

  • If a business owner sends one of their workers to do a temporary job in another country and Spanish Social Security laws may apply.
  • If a self-employed worker temporarily moves to do a job in another country and they can continue to be registered under the Special Self-Employed Workers System.
  • If a job is done as an employee or self-employed worker simultaneously or alternatively in several European Union countries, the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The procedures to be done depend on the requirements in the destination country.

What is the cost of healthcare assistance abroad?

This service does not involve any addition cost as it is included with Social Security contributions for occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

The Mutual Insurance Company will not advance any sums for the healthcare received.

  • For countries in the EEC, in the EEA, Switzerland and those with a bilateral agreement with Spain concerning healthcare:

The victim may use the public or publically contracted healthcare services when needed and billing will be processed through the official organizations (INSS in Spain or the equivalent organization in the other country).

If you do not submit your European healthcare card, the provider may bill you for any expenses. The company may later request reimbursement for said expenses from the Mutual Insurance Company, providing documented proof.

  • In countries without a bilateral healthcare agreement

Expenses for healthcare services received will always be paid by the company to the healthcare centre that provided them. Afterwards, the company may request reimbursement from the Mutual Insurance Company with documented proof.

  • For the rest of the world

The public healthcare services should also be used and the sums for any healthcare received shall be paid. These sums will be reimbursed by the Mutual Insurance Company for occupational contingencies upon submission of the proper documentation.

If private centres are used outside the destination country’s healthcare system, the company must pay for the costs of the healthcare received without any possibility of reimbursement except in cases of a life-threatening emergency.

How can I apply for this?


The regular Asepeyo card for healthcare assistance abroad can be requested at the Mutual Insurance Company’s healthcare centres.

Última actualización 26 June 2019

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