What exactly is the cover for common contingencies?

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A common contingency is a health problem that is not considered an occupational accident or occupational disease. In other words, it’s an accident or illness/disease not related to one’s work.

What is covered by it?

  • It covers an allowance for temporary disability (IT) caused by a common illness or non-occupational accident.
  • Asepeyo manages temporary disability benefits which involves recognizing and paying out the benefit as well as suspending, cancelling, denying or extinguishing it as per the law.
  • Asepeyo can perform medical exams to monitor the temporary disability (IT). Moreover, if the leave is not considered necessary, we can suggest the Spanish Public Health Service certifies the worker fit to work.
  • Medical exams and diagnostic tests or treatments, as per the following two conditions:
    1. They are authorized by the Spanish public health services.
    2. The worker grants express consent.

How to access the provision of common contingencies?

  • The company must have contracted this cover.
  • The worker must submit a medical leave report to the company from a Social Security doctor.
  • The worker must prove fulfillment of the legal requirements to have the right to this benefit: registered as employed, having worked and contributed for 180 days in the 5 years immediately prior to the date of the event leading to the application for the benefit (except in cases of occupational accidents as there is no waiting period).

Where do I go?

  • Workers who suffer from a common illness/disease or who have been involved in a non-occupational accident. Therefore, they need healthcare assistance and are not able to work which leads to the issuance of the corresponding medical leave report.

Documentation to be submitted:

  • The worker must submit the leave confirmation report provided by the Social Security doctor each week.
  • For cases of direct temporary disability, the documentation requested by the mutual insurance company to pay the benefit must be provided.

For more information on this cover, please visit our section ‘Common illnesses and non-occupational accidents’ under section Benefits

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