What is the benefit for risks while breastfeeding?

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Natural Breastfeeding risk allowance It protects the suspension of the contract of employed women workers or of cessation of activity for self-employed women, in the period of natural breastfeeding in the case that the woman occupies a position of risk for her health or that of the child.

This benefit, which shall be valid until the baby is nine months old, is only applicable in cases where the worker’s job position could not be adapted or she could not be placed in another position which does not involve such risk.

The risk must be caused by the agents, procedures or conditions involved with the job or the activity undertaken.

Who can receive this benefit?

Employees and self-employed workers

What is the amount granted?

The benefit paid out by the Mutual Insurance Company corresponds to 100% of the regulatory monthly salary base, calculated just as is done for a temporary disability caused by occupational contingencies.

This subsidy is directly paid by the Mutual Insurance Company

The Mutual Insurance Company directly pays the benefit less the employee’s Social Security contribution and, where applicable, any personal income tax withholding. The company must keep the employee registered on the payroll and pay the employer contribution.

If the employee requesting the benefit changes positions, the company will benefit from a 50% discount on their common contingency contributions.

If an interim contract is signed to replace the worker in a situation of risk, the company will receive a 100% rebate on the contributions for the replacement worker.

What is the cost involved for the company or for the self-employed worker?

In the case of employees, there is no extra charge for the company since it is covered by the contributions the employer makes to the Social Security system.

As far as the self-employed, any of them who are not voluntarily covered for occupational contingencies must contribute an additional 0.1% for this purpose.

How do you apply for this benefit?

The following documentation must be completed and later delivered to their healthcare centre:

  • Official Spanish Family Record Book
  • A Public Health Service Certificate acknowledging the breastfeeding situation
  • A company statement indicating the activities undertaken by the worker and her job conditions as well as her timetable and number of hours worked per week.

The following must also be completed:

A job assessment (additional provision two of Spanish Royal Decree 295/2009, of 6 March and article 16.2 of the Spanish Occupational Risk Prevention Act)

risk-free jobs ratio (Second additional provision of RD 295/2009, 6 March and article 26.2 of the Occupational Hazards Prevention Act)

The right to receive this benefit will be communicated within a maximum period of 30 days from receipt of the documentation.

In order to receive the subsidy, the worker must also provide a medical certificate each month from her child’s Spanish Public Health Service pediatrician acknowledging the breastfeeding situation continues.

We explain these and many more data in this video!


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