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What is provision for risk during pregnancy?

The benefit of pregnancy risks protects the contract suspension period in cases where the pregnant worker has a job with a risk to her health or to that of the unborn baby, and it has been impossible to adapt it to make it compatible with her condition or to relocate her to another without risk.

The risk must be caused by the agents, procedures or conditions involved with the job or the activity undertaken.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Employees and self-employed workers who are in the situation described above.

Who can benefit from the risk benefit during pregnancy

What is the amount?

The benefit paid out by Asepeyo corresponds to 100% of the regulatory monthly salary base, calculated just as is done for a temporary disability caused by occupational contingencies.

What is the payment method?

Asepeyo directly pays the benefit less the employee’s Social Security contribution and, where applicable, any personal income tax withholding.
The company, on the other hand, must keep the employee registered on the payroll and pay the employer contribution.

If the employee requesting the benefit changes positions, the company will benefit from a 50% discount on their common contingency contributions.

And what is the cost for companies?

In the case of employees, there is no extra charge for the company since it is considered a benefit deriving from an occupational accident and it is, thus, covered by the contributions the employer makes to the Social Security system.

As far as the Special Self-Employment System, all self-employed workers who are not voluntarily covered for occupational contingencies already contribute an additional 0.1% for this purpose.


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