What is temporary disability due to non-occupational accident and common disease?

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It is the temporary situation in which the worker is temporarily unable to work, due to a disease or a non-occupational accident, and receives health care from the Public Health System. Therefore, the sick leave and medical discharge are determined by the Social Security doctors.

What is considered a non-occupational accident and a common disease?

A non-occupational accident is one that does not have the character of an occupational accident* and a common disease* is a health alteration that is not related to the performance of the work activity.
*Articles 156 and 157 of the General Social Security Law

What is the amount of the benefit?

Common disease and non-occupational accident

  • From the 4th day of sick leave to the 20th day included: 60% of the regulatory base.
  • From the 21st day onwards: 75% of the regulatory base.

Occupational disease or occupational accident

  • From the day after the day of sick leave: 75% of the regulatory base

If you are a worker in the general regime (employed by others)

  • Between the 4th and 15th day of your sick leavethe company will pay you the economic benefit.
  • From the 16th day of sick leave
    the benefit will be paid by Asepeyo. The payment will be made by the company and then deducted from the monthly settlements:
    • From the 16th to the 20th day we will pay 60% of the regulatory base (contribution base for common contingencies for the month prior to the date of sick leave)/li>
    • From the 21st day onwards we will pay 75% of the regulatory base. If the employment contract is terminated during your medical leave, we will pay the financial benefit directly, although in the amount of unemployment and consuming the time of the benefit. The Personal Income Tax (Personal Income Tax (IRPF) withholding will be deducted from this payment.

If you are a worker in the special regime (self-employed and self-employed agrarian)

  • From the 4th to the 20th day of the sick leave, we will pay you 60% of the regulatory base for which you pay contributions.
  • From the 21st day, 75 % .

How do we help you?

We take care of the follow-up of your sick leave and medical tests
We collaborate with the Public Health Services to manage the temporary disability process. We help you to manage the following types of sick leave:

  • Without a definite diagnosis
  • In the process of rehabilitation
  • With an average duration longer than that typified
  • With diagnoses related to traumatological processes
  • Repeated of short duration
  • Leaves that require consultations with inspection units, general practitioners or the National Institute of Social Security

And in the following processes:

  • Extension of temporary disability or susceptible to permanent disability
  • Processes in which it is possible to advance a confirmation test, due to waiting lists of the Public Health Services, for which the consent of the worker and the Public Health Service will be required
  • Processes that result in a disability proposal

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