What are the requirements for applying for the bonus?

The following is a general outline of the requirements needed to apply for the Bonus:

  • Have contributed to the Social Security during the period of observation with a volume of fees for professional risks of more than 5,000 euros, or have reached a volume of 250 euros in a period of observation of 4 financial years.
  • Be in the period of observation below the limits that are set with regard to the general and extreme indices of accident rates.
  • Be up to date in fulfilment of contribution obligations to the Social Security on the date of the deadline for application submissions (31 May).
  • Not have been penalised by final ruling in administrative procedures for committing serious infringements when the number of serious infringements exceeds two, or not have been penalised for very serious infringements during the period of observation, in terms of risk prevention or Social Security.
  • Accredit compliance by the company with the basic requirements in terms of work risk prevention, by means of the statement of compliance regarding preventive activities and the existence of representation in prevention, which must be certified by the entrepreneur, administrator or legal representative of the company.
  • The company must inform the prevention officers of the incentive application, and the applicable accident rate indices.

If you want more information, check the Web section ‘General Requirements’ From our prevention portal.