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What is the amount of the incentive that my company will finally receive?

If your business meets the established requirements, the Bonus incentive will be 5% of the amount of the fees for professional risks.

If the company makes investments in certain complementary preventive actions, the incentive may be increased by an additional 5% to reach a maximum of 10% of the amount of the fees for professional risks. The limit of the investment will be this additional 5%.

When providing evidence of the declared investments, the VAT on the investment should not be included as this is a tax that the business can offset in its tax return. The business must provide a copy of the invoices proving the investments made in the complementary preventive actions during the period of observation, and any other documentation that accredits the investment.

The Directorate General for Social Security Organisation may reduce this amount when it verifies that the total payable to the businesses exceeds the percentage of the balance of the Professional Risks Fund established for this matter.

You can find out more in the Bonus system of incentives for prevention‘.