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My contract ended while I was on leave. What do I do?

You should apply for the direct payment economic benefit if your contract ends or is extinguished during the temporary disability period and irrespective of the time that has passed from the start of the medical leave.

If the medical leave is due to common contingencies, you have the right to a benefit that equals the unemployment allowance -known as IT Desempleo-, which is calculated based on the wages reported for contribution purposes over the 180 days prior to being taken off the company’s payroll.

The sum is 70% for the first 180 days and 50% for the remainder of the period until deemed medically fit to work or the right to the benefit is extinguished. In any case, the period of time the temporary disability lasts will be deducted from the period of time one may receive unemployment.

– If the leave is for professional contingencies, the benefit you will receive is 75% the regulatory daily salary base for the month prior to the leave (it is not equal to the unemployment allowance and unemployment will not be consumed).

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