I’m a self-employed worker registered as a member of a cooperative. Do I have a right to unemployment benefits?

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As a self-employed worker who is a member of a cooperative and registered with the Special Self-Employed Workers System or the Special Marine Workers System, you have a right to the benefit for cease of activity.

What conditions must be met?

  • Having contracted cover for cease of activity.
  • Having temporarily or definitively stopped working and, thus, ceased the activity done for the cooperative and thereby losing all economic rights generating from said work for any of the following reasons:
    • Inappropriate expulsion from the cooperative
    • Economic, technical, organizational, production or force majeure causes
    • The end of the period linked to a fixed duration membership
    • Cases of gender violence for self-employed female workers
    • The cooperative lost its administrative licence to operate

If you were a member candidate working during a trial period, you must have stopped working during said period due to a unilateral decision of the Advisory Board or corresponding cooperative governing body.

Última actualización 26 June 2019

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