Transparency Policy

Organizational structure

It consists of the Government, participation and consultative bodies, the Directorate General, the General Subdirectorates, the functional directorates and the Territorial Organization.

See the organizational structure of Asepeyo here.

Management regulations

Social Security rules

Procurement rules

Budgetary rules

Transparency rules

Internal rules

Rules for providers

For any matter related to the rules for providers, or if you want to highlight any conduct contrary to that set out in the documents shown, please email your query to

Professional profile and career of the Managing Director

Vicente Aparicio Mulet Born on 14-12-1952. Native of Anna (Valencia)

Education and professional experience

He began working with Asepeyo on 14 October 1968.
Graduate in Law from Barcelona University in 1980.
He began working as a lawyer with Asepeyo. 1988. Director of the Asepeyo Legal Office. 1996.
Technical Director of the Asepeyo Legal and Claims Department. 2002.
Deputy General Manager of Asepeyo.
He has been Managing Director of Asepeyo since June 2015.
He holds the PADE (Senior Business Management Programme) from the IESE Business School in Barcelona, in the 2000 graduation, and has taught on the Master’s Degree in Social Security at the Les Heures University in Barcelona.

Remuneration of senior posts

Governance and participation bodies

The members of the Friendly’ Society’s governance and participation bodies, and their representatives, do not receive any type of remuneration. They may receive remuneration for their attendance at meetings (Order TIN/246/2010, of 4 February 2010, for meetings of the Board of Directors and the Special Provisions Committee, and Order of 2 August 1995, of the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Security, for the Control and Monitoring Committee meetings). The following sums apply for 2019:

  • Board of Directors: € 856.63.
  • Special Provisions Committee: € 712.05.
  • Control and Monitoring Committee: € 533.31.

Managing Director and Deputy General Managers

The sum of the remuneration of the Managing Director and the Deputy General Managers is regulated in Article 88.4 of the revised text of the General Social Security Law, which refers to the maximums set by Royal Decree 451/2012, of 5 March 2012, and to the classification approved by Order communicated on 2 January 2015. The remuneration items for 2018 are:

Managing Director

  • Basic remuneration: € 108,617.85.
  • Job complement: € 65,170.71.
  • Variable remuneration: € 43,447.14.

Deputy General Managers

  • Basic remuneration: Between 82,600 and 82,800 euros.
  • Job complement: Between 49,500 and 49,700 euros.
  • Variable complement: Between 33,000 and 33,100 euros.

The differences in remuneration are due to the application, until the 2018 financial year, of the stipulations of Temporary Provision Six of Law 35/2014, of 26 December 2014.

Annual report and sustainability report

You may view copies of the most recent Mutual Insurance Company Annual Report:

Memoirs of the hospitals in 2020


Contractor profiles of the state public sector procurement bodies must be part of the Public Sector Procurement Platform and are managed and disseminated via the latter (according to Article 334 of the Royal Decree approving the Revised Text of the Public Sector Contract Law).

For more information about this, go to the ‘Contractor profile-tenders’ section.

2018 procurement data

The following are the contracts awarded through each of the different procedures set out in public sector procurement legislation.

No. of contracts % of the total Amount Awarded (€) % of the total
Open+Publicity+Minor with Publicity 226 13.26% 25,529,483.58 62.97%
Minor contract + Budget 1455 85.34% 14,182,149.39 34.98%
Direct Award + PNSP 13 0.76% 724,859.29 1.79%
Excluding LCSP 11 0.65% 103,907.04 0.26%
Total 1705 100% 40,540,399.30 100.00%

Contractor profile – Tenders

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 334 of the Spanish Royal Decree approving the Modified Text of the Public Sector Contracting Law (TRLCSP), the profiles of those that contract with national public sector contracting bodies must be included in the Public Sector Contracting Platform and they shall be managed and disseminated exclusively through said channel. The electronic sites of these bodies shall include a link to their contractor profile situated on the Public Sector Contracting Platform.

For this reason, the Asepeyo contractor profile has been included in the Public Sector Contracting Platform. All information associated with Mutual Insurance Company contract award procedures shall be disseminated via said Platform pursuant to the provisions of the TRLCSP.

Access to the contractor profile –Deputy Directorate General for Management.

Access to the contractor profile –Deputy Directorate General for Resources.

Access to the contractor profile –Deputy Directorate General for Finance.

Access to the contractor profile –Deputy Directorate General for Territories.

Other information

If you would like to consult the reports for previous financial years, go to:

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